Earliblue-1 bush
A popular cultivar, but not a heavy producer. However, the demand for fresh blueberries will command a higher price than say when the later varieties arrive on the market. For the home gardener, they will be a treat while doing early season garden chores. My favorite.

             Fruit cluster: Medium, loose.

             Berry: Medium-large, light blue, medium scar;

             Flavor: good, sweet, aromatic; fruit ripens early, and doesn't drop quickly once ripe.

             Uses: processing, commercial/retail, and fresh market and U-pick.

Blue Ray-1 bush

Bush: Vigorous, erect, open, productive. Fruit cluster: Small, tight. Berry: Large-very large, light blue, firm, resistant to cracking, small-medium scar; flavor excellent, aromatic. Good shipping quality and even performs well in hot climates. Tight fruit clusters discourage machine harvesting for the first picking. Accidentally ordered.


Northland—1 bush                                                                                                                           Classified as a half-high bush. It is a heavy producer and performs well. It is an early to mid-season berry.

             Fruit cluster:

             Berry: Medium size , medium blue color, with a medium-large scar;

             Flavor: one source claims mild flavor, while another states sweet, wild berry taste

             Uses: processing

Jersey– 2 bushes
Bush: Very vigorous, erect, and productive.

             Fruit cluster: Loose.

             Berry: Medium, medium blue, firm, resistant to cracking, medium scar

             Flavor: BRIX 15.8


Rubel- 1 bush
Bush: Moderately vigorous, moderately productive and is a mid to late season cultivar. Very old variety that is adaptable and is cold hardy. Because of the small berry, it is perfect for baked goods. However, the berry can be a bit ‘tough’ when eating out of hand when compared to Earliblue.

             Fruit cluster:

             Berry: Small, firm, small picking scar; tends to retain stem if drought-stressed or not picked on time.

             Flavor: BRIX 15.5         

             Uses: processing


Premier Rabbiteye—2 bushes light-blue, medium to large-sized berries with good flavor.

Tifblue Rabbiteye –1 bush The fruits are large, light blue and ripen late in the season. 






These are the varieties in the blueberry patch:

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