Text Box: My Welsh Pony—CCR Doll Box

                 CCR Doll Box, or “Doll”, was purchased from Castleberry Cobs of Indiana. You want a great pony? Talk to Lisa. This is taken at our farm in East Tennessee, where Doll and I are returning from our 1 mile drive. This is the road cart that Richard restored.

             The new harness is Driving Essentials harness: Essential Plus 4” saddle with sliding backband and padded skirts, Marathon tugs-LOVE!, padded Marathon breastcollar and breeching, A false martingale (unfortunately a tear drop got added),  and no decorative brow band on the Marathon bridle.

Text Box: Returning from an outing

             This road cart defiantly had problems when first purchased from a lady in Kentucky. The shafts had been shortened, and signs of a major crash was evident.

             My favorite engineer, Richard, put in back in shape, grinded some bad welding and paint jobs, to the wonderful cart you see today. The seat is removable and is leather with sewn mitered corners.

             The original steel u-channeled rim  wheels were replaced with newer c-channeled rims. U-channels tend to ‘pop’ the bead. This cart should never be driven on rough ground; you’d bounce too much.

             Here is my lovely Meadowbrook that my favorite engineer restored. This was purchased in 1998 from an old friend, Gunilla, while we were attending Equitana together.

             One shaft was replaced, all the wood was sanded, stained, and sealed with polyurethane. All of the vinyl trim was replaced, and the seats cleaned.

             The rein rail, whip holder, and the shaft tips, will be replaced with chrome. The cart will be re-upholstered with brown on the seats and the shafts.

             Why? Doll’s harness has chrome, not brass. It’s all about the turnout being consistent. Brass on harness, brass on vehicle; chrome on harness, chrome or paint on vehicle. Brass requires too much upkeep, in addition to the fact that this is a country turn-out.