Text Box: Hillpost Taking Names– $1,200


Registered WPCSA Half-Welsh              ‘Hope’

Here is Hope with her grass belly. She doesn’t need to be managed 24/7 as her dam, but  does need to be kept at grass 12 hrs in/12 hours out.


She too, is showing the dapples as her Grand Dam had.


This photo does not do her justice. She is a beautiful pony. Her coat is slightly metallic as her sire’s and she moves like a dream. She does have an extended trot.


Hope would also make an absolutely flashy gig pony.  No country turnout for her.


Although she has a slight pony metabolism, her winter coat is the same as her quarter horse bloodlines; blanket her in winter and shed-out is almost non-existent.


Hope is a 4 out of 10, the hottest horse on our farm. Our horses are easily caught -IN THE FIELD– and obey our voice commands.