At one time, our farm had over 4 acres in blackberries. However, there was no irrigation established by the growers, and with blackberries being a shallow rooted plant, the plants died.

             We have begun replanting by first establishing 50 plants of Triple Crown, a cultivar recommended by Richard’s family at Huber’s Orchard.

             In Autumn 2009, the grass was killed by an application of Round-up.  The plants were planted early March 2010 and placed in holes dug 2 feet apart with the soil amended with two handfuls of peat moss in each.

             The trellis system chosen was two-wire system. The canes were cut to 6” and watered.

                 Black raspberry plants were transplanted from our East Tennessee farm. The ‘Cumberland’ cultivar is probably what they are, as the farm was worked for over 100 plus years. They will be trellised on the traditional “T” type.

             Two black raspberry plants were later removed because of the presence of Orange Rust.


Text Box: Blackberries and Raspberries